Congratulations/Graduation/Retirement Bubble Bouquet


When transporting your balloons from our  store to your car or home be extra careful! …They are balloons!

If used indoors, these are average  float times:

12-inch latex balloons treated with Hi-Float: 2 days
12-inch latex balloons not treated with Hi-Float:  8 to 12 hours

Mylar balloons: 2 days

 Depending on the outdoor elements, latex and/or mylar balloons may or may not  float or “pop” if used outdoors. We are unable to offer product guarantees of float times..


Latex balloons, like those in this bouquet, will begin to slowly reduce in size with each passing day. They will also oxidize, a natural process which converts the original glossy finish to a satin-like finish.

This beautiful bouquet includes:

22 inch Bubble Balloon
Six 12 inch Latex Balloons